Resources for Writers

Recommended Reading

Recommended Viewing

Books aren’t the only place that writers can pick up insights for their work. I highly recommend the writer/director commentary tracks on these movies and TV series.

  • Firefly

    Pretty much any commentary involving Joss Whedon is worth checking out, but several on here are excellent

  • Babylon 5

    As J. Michael Straczynski planned Babylon 5 as a kind of television-novel, this series is a master class in sculpting an epic story

  • The Incredibles

    A great movie in its own right and Brad Bird speaks a good deal about crafting each of these memorable characters

  • The Lord of the Rings [Extended Editions]

    Acres and acres of commentary with Peter Jackson and his fellow writers on adapting Tolkein’s beloved books

Just for Fun

Current favourites on my reading/audiobook list.

  • The Dresden Files

    Take a wizard and cross him with a noir private investigator—that’s Harry Dresden. Completely addicted to the audiobooks read by James Marsters

  • The Curse of Chalion

    Loved both this and its sequel, The Paladin of Souls, as audiobooks. I really like the organic way that magic and the divine are handled in this series.

  • The Way of Kings

    The alien nature of this fantasy realm initially made it a bit harder to get into, but it was worth it in the end.

  • The Belgariad

    Although this series admittedly leans heavily on Tolkein, even after all these years I’ve still got a soft spot for it. Eddings just makes the journey fun.