Resources for Artists & Animators

Recommended Reading

  • The Illusion of Life

    Written by legendary Disney animators, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, this probably the most referenced book in animation of all time—and for good reason

  • The Animator’s Survival Kit

    Written by Richard Williams, (best known as the director of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?), this is an essential nuts-and-bolts book for any animator

Recommended Viewing

  • Waking Sleeping Beauty

    A fascinating behind-the-scenes chronicle of the rise of the Disney studio from the box-office flop The Black Cauldron to the epic success of The Lion King

  • These Amazing Shadows

    Brings to light the role of The National Film Registry in preserving film (and animation) as a vital part of American culture

  • Frank and Ollie

    A touching biography on the extraordinary life, friendship and talent of these two Disney animators

  • I Know That Voice

    Executive produced by John Di Maggio, (aka the voice of ‘Bender’ from Futurama), this is great documentary on the voices behind your favourite animated characters

Just for Fun

As a die-hard animation nut, my full list of recommendations is somewhat substantial and I point you to My Animation DVD Collection if you’re interested. Below you’ll find what I think is one of the most staggeringly beautiful pieces of animation I’ve ever come across.

Thought of You – by Ryan Woodward