Recent Exhibition

Find Your Heart(h): Paintings and Digital Art by Athena Cooper

The artist’s first solo exhibit celebrates the romantic relationship between a disabled woman and a transgender man—from its awkward, tentative beginnings to the approach of their upcoming wedding.

Born with the rare genetic disorder, Osteogenesis Imperfecta (aka ‘brittle bone disease’), and a wheelchair-user since the age of six, Athena grew up believing that romantic love was likely never going to be in the cards for her. Likewise, so many of the messages presented to her partner after his transition was that his life was going to be filled with rejection—both romantically and from the society at large.

Through acrylic paintings and digital artwork that was either collaborated on by the artist and her partner or inspired by the journey of their relationship, they tell in their own words an unusual love story filled with colour, light, growth and laughter.

The “Find Your Heart(h)” art exhibit
August 24 – Sept 21, 2019
cSPACE King Edward, 4th floor gallery
1721 29 Avenue SW, Calgary⁠

Free and open to the public – 8am-8pm Monday-Saturday, closed Sundays and stat holidays