Fragile Beauty

I started experimenting with replicating the look of Tiffany-style stained glass in acrylic paint late in 2013—about a year before we met. At the time I didn’t really understand why I was so fascinated, so I just kept painting to see where it would go.

In the summer of 2016, you encouraged me to go to the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Conference in Orlando, Florida. It was a conference that happens every couple years and brings together folks from all over the world who share my genetic condition and my experience of living with fragile bones. I had thought of going in the past, but had never worked up the nerve. You told me what an impact going to the Gender Odyssey conference had had for you as a trans person and how moving it can be when you realize you are surrounded by people who are just like you.

So I went—and had my mind quietly blown. All these talented, successful OI people in all shapes and sizes with careers and families who were all so different and also just like me.

In Orlando I also went to the Morse Museum, the largest collection of Louis Comfort Tiffany art in North America. It was at the museum, seeing real Tiffany stained glass up close that I came to understand why I had been so drawn to it. One of Tiffany’s great innovations was creating beauty from imperfection. Prior to his work, perfect glass was supposed to be clear, pure and even in tone. Tiffany-style stained glass however is a riot of colours and textures that manipulates and shatters the light coming through it in dozens of different ways.

Pond Lily Lamp

14″ x 11″ acrylic on canvas – $200

Loi Kratong

24″ x 18″ framed acrylic on canvas – $350

Dragonfly #1

11″ x 14″ acrylic and ink on canvas – $200

Trumpet Flower Lamp

10″ x 10″ acrylic and ink on canvas – $150

Red Poppy Lamp

24″ x 24″ canvas print – $250


24″ x 24″ canvas print – $250

Wisteria Square

24″ x 24″ canvas print – $250

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