Tilted Windmills

Early in 2016, we gave birth to an Idea that we called ‘Tilted Windmills’. We imagined it as an online space where we could explore issues that touch on disability and gender. Our experiences overlapped in surprising ways, me as a transgender, gender nonconforming man, and you as a wheelchair user and a person with a physical disability.We called our idea ‘Tilted Windmills’ referencing Dante’s ‘Don Quixote’; there was something fantastical aboutimagining a space into existence that celebrated the gifts and accomplishments of those who, like us, were trying to exist outside of dominant social norms. We were chasing after the ‘impossible’ dream of being valued for our creativity and character, rather than the limitations our bodies and our culture imposed on us.

We are still refining where we want to go with our idea. So far, it has given birth to a webcomic, a blog, a podcast, and this painting. The possibilities are endless.

I have lost count of the number of times you and I have talked late into night of the intricacies of your experience of gender and my experience of disability. In the past I’d put my disabled identity into a box and firmly shoved it out of sight. Through these conversations I found the courage to open that box, knowing you had your own trans-idenity box with you and we could sort through them together side by side.

I love that through Tilted Windmills we can share this unique conversation and invite others to the table as well.

Tilted Windmill

14″ x 11″ acrylic on canvas – $165

(if you are interested in purchasing this piece, please email me at )