Horace & Abigail

Horace the Circus Tortoise was something I simply drew to make you smile on one of those days when I knew you were juggling way too much. Between your love of turtles and tortoises and the amusing, slightly-beleagured expression on his face, Horace the Tortoise instantly became your alter ego.

A year later, Abigail Mouse became mine. You had just moved in so I created a digital Christmas card featuring Horace, Abigail and their pup, Lola.

The response from our friends and family to that first Christmas card not only inspired an annual tradition, but set the wheels in motion for the Horace & Abigail webcomic.

I love our webcomic. I have so many stories that I’m itching to tell—about being a disabled mouse, about being a transgender tortoise, about all the funny things that make us an ordinary, extraordinary couple.

Horace and Abigail feel like part of our little family. Coming up with new scenarios for our alter egos to participate in is both creatively stimulating and just plain fun. I love how you are able to capture our personalities in 2D and bring to life the small, human moments that make up our lives.

So few media representations accurately capture what it’s like to live an ordinary life as a person with a disability or as a trans person. The webcomic does that, while also transcending our unique identities. At the end of the day, we are just two human beings doing our best to live our lives productively. People seem to connect to that, regardless of who they are.

Other Horace & Abigail pieces featured in the exhibit: