Doodle Collabs

Being apart during my first year of graduate studies waschallenging. You were still employed full-time in Vancouver and working on a transfer to be able to join me in Calgary.

We looked for ways to do things together, even though we were geographically separate. I had a habit of doodling on pretty much every blank piece of paper in my vicinity. I think it was your idea to turn some of those doodles into collaborative art. I would email you my latest piece, and you would digitally enhance it, elevating it to a whole new level.

The collabs helped mitigate some of the loneliness of being apart. Happily, you were able to join me the following year.

I’m a planner as an artist. I research. I sketch. I pull together Pinterest boards of reference material all before I ever sit down to start work on a piece of art.

Your doodles are the opposite of all that—completely spontaneous and unplanned. We’d be sitting at the dining table after a meal and you’d just start drawing these amazing patterns in the little grocery list scratchpad. I’d never know what you were going to create and neither did you.

Oh, how I missed you and those doodles when we were apart. Making the doodle collabs with you was a way to bring you and them back into my world, but also a way to let myself be more spontaneous in my own art practice too.

Que sera sera—whatever will be, will be!

Doodle Collab No.3 - canvas print by Athena Cooper

Doodle Collab No.3

24″ x 24″ canvas print – $250

Doodle Collab No.5

9″ x 12″ canvas print – $100

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