By Land and Sea

In those first few months that we’d known each other, I had learned much about you and the trials of your past. I also knew you had an affinity for turtles—their shyness and the way they retreated into their shells for protection—and you had been given many turtle-related things from friends over the years.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how much the environment impacted the turtle’s ability to thrive. On land, a sea turtle was awkward, lumbering and vulnerable. Get that same turtle in the water though and he was the king of the sea.

We shared brunch together on New Year’s Day 2015. We played board games and I gave you a tiny version of this painting as a Christmas present. Just before you left to go to work, you asked if you could kiss me. It was our first kiss.

It was a humbling experience having you paint a painting for me and gift it, especially so early in our relationship. We were still getting to know each other. Our conversations were still sometimes a little awkward. The painting opened a window into how you saw me, and I liked what you saw.

There’s something healing that happens when one is truly seen. You saw things that were not obvious to other people. It felt sacred. That’s why I kissed you.

A Turtle’s Perspective

12″ x 12″ canvas print – $100

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