Bi-Gender Butterfly

Nature is remarkable. Take the phenomenon of “gynandromorphism,” which is where an organism is born with both male and female elements. It can be seen the most dramatically in creatures like birds, crustaceans and insects where male and female counterparts are so visually distinct. A quick Google search of “gynandromorphism” and “butterflies” yields a dazzling array of results.

As I have come to know you as a transgender man, I have found that you too are a blend of the masculine and the feminine in a way that’s far too complex to perceive with the naked eye.

It is in your eyes though that I have come to truly understand: your eyes transcend gender.

While I sometimes struggle to find the language to accurately capture my experience of my own gender, through your art you have given voice to my experience in ways that feel more evocative than words.

I love that I get to bring my whole self to my relationship with you, with all of its contradictions and complexities. And I love how you are able to transform some of those complexities into art. Being part of your creative process is one of the highlights of our relationship.

Gynandromorph No. 1 - acrylic painting by Athena Cooper

Gynandromorph No.1

8″ x 8″ acrylic on canvas – $80

Gynandromorph No. 2 - acrylic painting by Athena Cooper

Gynandromorph No.2

8″ x 8″ acrylic on canvas – $80

Bi-Gender Butterfly

20″ x 16″ acrylic on canvas
from the collection of Kickstart Disability Art & Culture

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