Find Your Heart(h) exhibit

Find Your Heart(h) art exhibit by Athena Cooper

Paintings & Digital Art by Athena Cooper
August 24 – September 21, 2019 at cSPACE King Edward, Calgary, AB

As my first solo art exhibit, Find Your Heart(h) was always destined to be a milestone in terms of my journey as an artist.

More than that however, this exhibit was a celebration of the romantic relationship between myself and my partner in conjunction with our wedding. We were married on August 31st in a small private ceremony adjoining the exhibit space.

One of the great gifts of our relationship for me has been how much of a creative collaborator, sounding board and muse my partner has become. The exhibit has includes my artwork, as well both our words in the form of notes written to each other—myself represented as the mouse and him represented in the turtle in tribute to our Horace & Abigail alter egos.

In essence, this exhibit is a ‘love letter’ to each other as expressed in paint and words. We hope you enjoy this celebration of our journey together thus far.

(photo credit for both the art exhibit and wedding: Donovan Bissett Photography)