Wisteria painted box

Wisteria painted box


Athena at the Makers MarketI started this box many moons ago when I first hit on the notion of creating a collection of stained glass style painted boxes that could possibly be sold at a craft fair.

I’ve since learned that pulling together a collection of products to sell is actually a lot of work and requires more of a factory production-line style of painting than I’m accustomed to. Still, when my company announced that there were going to host a Holiday Makers Maker to encourage all its creative employees to showcase their work, I pushed hard throughout the fall to create a set of wares for the craft fair.

As this was box was already well underway, it became the first one that I completed for my Makers Market set. The other four were the Magnolia painted box, the Love is Love painted box, the Peacock painted box and the Hummingbird painted box.

While I don’t think I’ll be joining the craft fair circuit any time soon, I felt like it was a really good exercise to go through.

Made with

Acrylic paint on wood
October 2016