A Hunter’s Best Friend

A Hunter's Best Friend

Created as part of my continuing efforts to practice with my Wacom tablet and Photoshop.


The idea for this comic was something I’d had kicking around for ages. I’ve played an orc hunter in World of Warcraft for long enough to remember the days when crabs were among the most ridiculous looking pets in game that no one played. I had one back then simply because I got a kick out of seeing this thing that looked like a roving dinner table trailing after me. These days crabs aren’t nearly as useless as they were, but still just as silly.

Lesson Learned

Set little goals — When I was in animation school there was always targets and deadlines to shoot for like class assignments or my final demo reel. Since I was now doing this work essentially for myself, I felt I needed to set my own targets in order to give myself the push to stretch my abilities.

At the time, Blizzard Entertainment was running monthly comic contests allowing users to submit their comics for the chance to appear on the main World of Warcraft site. I decided to set this as my target. It was perfect in that it offered the chance for something nice to happen if I did win, but it was hardly the end of the world if I didn’t win.

I spent a couple weeks worth of evenings working on this piece and learned a great deal about the process of creating this kind of digital painting, largely thanks to this book, d’artiste – Digital Painting from Ballistic Publishing.

Oh, and while I didn’t technically win Blizzard’s monthly contest, I did receive an Honourable Mention in February of 2010—which was just fine with me. The best part is seeing comments and cracks from other players under my comic on the WoW website, knowing I’ve gotten a chuckle from a tonne of other people who would’ve never have seen my work otherwise.

Made with

Software: Photoshop
Created in: January 2010