Zero energy, zero creativity

posted: January 6, 2013

It’s the new year! Time to get it together! Get going! Get moving! Get painting! Get writing! etc. etc. And I feel like crap. I had all these grand plans for this weekend, but thus far I haven’t been able … read more

Getting clear: Making resolutions for 2013

posted: January 1, 2013

It’s the first of January and all around people are making great plans for 2013. These plans are always made with the best of intentions and they usually die a quiet death within a few weeks. It has become one … read more

Finding my Four-Day Win

posted: June 1, 2012

Like a great many North Americans, I’m carrying a little more weight than I would like. The exact numbers are not important—and not particularly relevant either since no dietician that I’ve ever met has been able to tell me with a 3’7″ tall person with OI should actually weigh … read more

Disability Manifesto

posted: May 3, 2012

I promised myself when I started this blog that I wouldn’t make it about disability. At the same time though, I promised myself that I would use this site to say the things that I wanted to say. So, even though I haven’t written much of anything here yet, I wanted to write this. I wanted to say this because if I never write another word in this blog again I want these words out there. I want Google to rip them from this site and carry them to the four corners of the web. If you hear nothing else I ever say, then I still need you to hear this … read more