The Career I Didn’t Have in Animation

posted: April 16, 2015

I remember exactly when I fell in love with animation. I remember it with the kind of clarity a person has when they lock eyes with the love of their lives across a crowded room. read more

Body Aesthetics

posted: July 20, 2013

While many people are only lukewarm in their opinions about beauty in art, they become strident and passionate when you start challenging them to change their concept of beauty in other forms. read more

What does the art on your walls say to you?

posted: March 9, 2013

For such a visually-driven person, the walls of my apartment are surprisingly bare at the moment. Initially the reason was that when my sister and I shared the place, most of the art in the common areas was hers, so … read more

Energy Infusion: Making Some Changes

posted: January 26, 2013

So it’s been exactly twenty days since my Zero energy, zero creativity post and I seem to be turning things around in that department. Here’s a few things that I’ve been doing that seem to have helped kickstart my energy … read more