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I lost touch with my creativity once and vowed I would never let that happen again. In this blog you'll find my musings on creativity—my experiences as a recovering creative, how creativity can get blocked, resources on how to nurture it and the ways I am regularly practicing my own creativity. I've also been known to stray slightly off topic now and again, but I figure that's a writer's prerogative.

100 Faces in 100… aww crap

posted: May 19, 2013

Tuesday May 14th would’ve been the 100th day of my 100 Days, 100 Faces project and, at present, I have… hmm, 42 faces. Clearly I didn’t make my goal, so now what? Well it actually gives me the chance to … read more

It’s not about realism

posted: May 4, 2013

My Illustration for Children’s Picture Book class wrapped a few weeks ago and for our last session we went on a field trip to Chapters. While we were wandering around the children’s department looking at all the different illustrators, (whose … read more

Creating an online identity: What’s your brand?

posted: April 13, 2013

If you hail from the great north strong and free then you might remember this very successful Molson Canadian beer commercial from their “I am Canadian” campaign. In this one minute commercial, we’re given many of the classic elements of … read more

What does the art on your walls say to you?

posted: March 9, 2013

For such a visually-driven person, the walls of my apartment are surprisingly bare at the moment. Initially the reason was that when my sister and I shared the place, most of the art in the common areas was hers, so … read more