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I lost touch with my creativity once and vowed I would never let that happen again. In this blog you'll find my musings on creativity—my experiences as a recovering creative, how creativity can get blocked, resources on how to nurture it and the ways I am regularly practicing my own creativity. I've also been known to stray slightly off topic now and again, but I figure that's a writer's prerogative.

Just in Case – The Chris Hadfield Philosophy

posted: December 18, 2013

When I heard that popular Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield, had written a book on the keys to his extraordinary success, I’ll admit to being a little bit leery. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great deal of admiration for … read more

Spark Animation Festival 2013

posted: September 14, 2013

I look forward to the Vancouver’s Spark Animation Festival every year. My inner animation nerd is stuck on a fairly lean diet most of the time that takes the form of a few good movies, DVD purchases and the occasional … read more

Body Aesthetics

posted: July 20, 2013

While many people are only lukewarm in their opinions about beauty in art, they become strident and passionate when you start challenging them to change their concept of beauty in other forms. read more