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I lost touch with my creativity once and vowed I would never let that happen again. In this blog you'll find my musings on creativity—my experiences as a recovering creative, how creativity can get blocked, resources on how to nurture it and the ways I am regularly practicing my own creativity. I've also been known to stray slightly off topic now and again, but I figure that's a writer's prerogative.

Exploring the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit

posted: March 21, 2015

I joked not too long ago that my vacations for the next several decades are all going to center around glass art exhibits. Thus, even though my recent trip to Seattle was for the purpose of seeing 2Cellos in concert, … read more

Moving On as a Creative

posted: February 15, 2015

In the drive to do more and take on more as creatives, we perhaps hang on too tightly to the past and to projects that no longer serve us. Here are some of the ways I’m choosing to move on in the interest of improving my work in 2015. read more

Why Use an Easel

posted: July 5, 2014

A skewed painting results in a discovery I wish someone had told me about ages ago. Here’s the tale of what ultimately got me to buy my little baby easel. read more

Vote it Up! My First Threadless Design Entry

posted: June 13, 2014

Show this design some voting love on Threadless! I have a huge respect for While many artists get grumpy about the crowd-sourcing model, these guys have shown that they respect artists and are willing to treat them well. For … read more

Your Favourite Pinspiration of 2013

posted: January 1, 2014

Before we launch into all our creative grand schemes for 2014, let’s take a quick look back at some great pieces of art highlighted on Tilted Windmill’s Facebook page. These were your favourites of 2013. read more