About Athena

Photo of Athena CooperWhen I was younger I was encouraged to believe that creativity was something innate. I thought that my drive to paint or write or create in general was simply hardwired into my being and could never be taken away from me.

This belief changed in 2003 when I was struck by a car at a crosswalk on my way home from animation school. Due to the nature of my disability, I was accustomed to the demands of recovering physically from injury, but I hadn’t counted on the toll that the accident would take on my creative drive. Overnight it seemed like I went from passionate animation student to someone who couldn’t access that part of myself without it causing me a great deal of emotional pain.

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It was through my decade long quest to recover what I had lost that I gained insight and appreciation into what it takes to bring out our creativity. I learned how to grapple with the fear, the blocks, the resistance, as well as the joy that comes with unleashing one’s creative mojo in full. If you’re a fellow creative or perhaps someone still stuck in the weeds when it comes to unlocking your own creative drives, this site is for you. Check out the Blog to discover articles about my own struggles as a creative as well as inspiration and resources that have helped me to re-stoke my creative fire.

Today I lump my various skills as an artist, writer, animator, video editor, web developer, etc. under this umbrella term of creative. While I did complete my two-year program in computer animation at the Art Institute of Vancouver-Burnaby, much of what I know is self-taught through books, the internet and lots and lots of trial and error.

I believe strongly in ‘walking the walk’ as a recovering creative and the Creative Works section is a showcase of what I’ve done, and more importantly, what I learned from doing it. My focus at the moment is on my work as an acrylic and digital painter. The art I create is inspired by light, colour and my on-going love affair with stained glass. I am particularly inspired by the works of Louis Comfort Tiffany, although I am drawn to other forms of stained glass as well. I sometime joke that I can’t seem to go on vacation anywhere without finding myself in the midst of extraordinary glass art.


Every so often I’ll also dip back into my animator roots as I love to mess around with fun, quirky characters. Sir Stumpy, the character I created for my animation school demo reel, has become a bit of a personal mascot and frequently crops up in my random doodles. I’ve been working on new characters as well and hope to eventually get into writing and illustrating my own children’s books.

And if you like what you see, check out my original paintings and art prints & more that are currently for sale. Want something special? Contact me to commission a custom original painting.